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The famous American rapper 50 Centfrom his real name Curtis James Jackson III, does not feel treated well by his fans. Indeed, in a video published on his Instagram story, the interpreter of In da Club got frustrated at not being treated like the Canadian rapper drake, at whom fans throw bras. Behind the scenes at one of his shows Final Lap Tourwe see him joking and asking his staff to treat him as if he were Drake. “Somebody help me with my feet please. They don’t treat Drake that way. They don’t treat Drake’s mom like that.” he told one of his staff.

“I need to feel special here”

“Drake, they’re throwing bras at him. What am I taking? Could you please get me some Drake fans? I just don’t feel well. I need to feel special here” he said before adding: “I need them to treat me like I’m Drake. Drake has bras every night! I used to have some at the start of my career”. Note that 50 Cent’s comments come after he gave his opinion on the rapper’s number of children. Nick Cannon. In an interview with journalist Brian J.Robertsduring the month of July, he had spoken of ” bullshit “.

“If I had Nick Cannon’s 12 kids or some shit like that, you could put them all in one room. Everybody is here “ he said, noting that: “But I’m not going to have children like that. I don’t want the responsibility of so many women that you have to deal with emotionally, especially after they no longer feel like your friends.”. 50 Cent later pointed out that he was just joking, attributing his remarks to the “old 50 Cent”. According to him, he is now a ” new “ version of himself lately.

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