This scam is depopulating on Postepay and cards, do not be fooled

For several years now, card payment, let this be a ATM or Postepay, is the preferred payment method of many. Perhaps because gives us security in terms of purchases, because we have no reason to fear the amount at the checkout; with cashindeed, we are obliged to count more or less that amount we are spendingto make sure we have enough liquidity. Thanks to the card, instead, this does not happen; shopping he is more carefree and less restrained by that worry. The ATM, in particular, gives you the certainty that your credit institution advances the amount you are paying for you, later self-reimbursing itself from your current account. How does it work with the Postepay? This has a totally different functioning, the maximum amount you can spend corresponds exclusively to the amount you have previously loaded into your account, it is not possible, in fact, to spend a greater amount.

Beware of scams!

Unfortunately, as in the context of many things, even in this there are several scams, ouch us, more and more studied and well-designed, with the aim of cheating us without even realizing it. Some of the most well-known scams are those due to unwitting cloning of the cardthis can happen, for example, without you realizing it when you go to withdraw cash, more easily if you are traveling and you don’t know the neighborhood you are in. A much more worrying scam is taking place in particular in this period: the victim receives directly on his phone a message which appears to be sent directly by Poste Italiane; in the text he is asked for his pin and card details. Unfortunately, it is not taken for granted that everyone realizes in time what it really is; this means that, especially the most naive or older in age, they bite.

To avoid this, Postepay allows us to enter our phone number during registration; in this way, thanks to a notification arriving by text message after each purchase, we will immediately know if someone has cloned our card and we will be able, promptly, to block the account.

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