“This season will be difficult”, then the surprise comment on the renewal

Olivier Giroudwas interviewed by L’EquipeFrench sports newspaper.

L‘Rossoner strikeror told this season start between Milan And Francebelow his words:

About his time at Chelsea: “I remember a time with Frank Lampard. It was hard. I haven’t played much. I was very close to Inter in January 2020, but in the end I stayed and he decided to let me play, scoring eight goals in his last ten league games. I remember the first of this series. It was against Tottenham (2-1). I open the scoring with a volley that gets stuck between the post and Hugo (Lloris). Lampard makes me revive and we take 4th place which is the qualification for the Champions League, which we then won “

On the season at Milan: «I have always said: as long as I have the physical abilities, as long as my body allows it, I will try to reach the highest level. In my head I always have this great motivation. Two years ago I said two more years… but now I’m still very well. They are still there. I will expire at the end of the year. We will see. But I don’t set limits “

Giroud Statements Milan
Giroud Statements Milan

On the start of the season: “I returned from vacation in excellent shape after recharging my batteries. Our season finale was difficult in the fight against Inter for the Scudetto. We have searched for it and we have achieved it. After the title, this season will be difficult because we will have to confirm ourselves. We started well in the league. I also started well with four goals (plus an assist) in eight Serie A matches and another in the Champions League “

On the disappointment of not being summoned in June from France: “It may have been a blessing in disguise. As I said, I was coming out of a difficult final with Milan for the Scudetto. I made up for this frustration of not being called to the Blues with a long rest period and a lot of time with my family. With experience, I knew that the period that awaited us, with matches every three days between Serie A and Champions League, would be complicated “

On the possibility of going to the World Cup: «I don’t have a percentage to give. I proved what had to be proved. I tried my best to be there. Now I’m thinking of Milan “

On being a leader: «I feel like an elder who can still contribute. I also hope to be an older brother who always wants to pass on and share his experience with the little ones. He is what I also do at Milan “

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