This series used to make fun of the change of its actors

It’s hard to hide a change in the cast of a series, especially when it involves one of the main characters. Instead of acting as if nothing happened, the programs below have, on the contrary, decided to enjoy the situation.

Recasting, which involves substituting an actor or actress for a role, is a frequent process in the series. So much so that some people enjoy the situation in terms of dialogues. Proof with the following examples.

my family first


cult sitcom my family first A significant casting change was experienced between seasons 1 and 2 as the character of Claire is no longer played by the same actress. The role, initially played by Jazz Recole, was replaced by Jennifer Nicole Freeman in the first episode of season 2. The writers then decided to laugh it off when the “new” Claire made her first appearance on screen so her father Michael could. I can’t believe his eyes. he throws it “Clear? You’ve changed something (…) I can’t say why, but it looks like a different person”,


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Reboot of, like the original 80s series dynasty Changes have been seen in many cast. At the end of Season 1, the character Cristal Flores Carrington – then played by Nathalie Kelly – is killed off and, beginning in Season 2, the “real” Cristal Flores takes on the guise of actress Ana Brenda Contreras.

That’s not all because in Season 3, Cristal turns her face again and it’s Daniela Alonso who takes over the role. Thus, in Episode 1 of Season 3, Fallon lets go: “Don’t worry, Crystal. You have already apologized to me twice. Do you think the third one would be correct? ,, As they say, never two without three!

I’m the king!

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Chain worn by Tim Allen I’m the king! ,last Man Standing in the original version) has also suffered some changes in the cast during the seasons. The first was Alexandra Krosney, who replaced Amanda Fuller in the role of Kristin from Season 2. Then in season 7, Molly McCook replaced Molly Ephraim in the role of Mandy. To mark the suddenness, the screenwriters joined Valve in a short.

Mandy’s husband Kyle tells her stepfather Mike: “FYI, Mr. B, Mandy is mad, she’s mad at me. He’s changed something in his appearance but I still can’t see what it is.”, When she arrived, Mandy, with her new face, told her mother that she could no longer find the living room because she was lost.

crazy ex girlfriend

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a chain in the form of a second degree crazy ex girlfriend He could not fail to wink at the change in the face of one of his main characters. Gregg returns in Season 4 as Skylar Astin, after being played by actor Santino Fontana in the first two seasons. In the series, only Rebecca notices the change in her appearance for a simple reason. Earlier it was considered differently. And, knowing that he is better today, she can finally see Greg as he always was.

prince of bel air


This is probably one of the most talked about casting changes of the series: Vivian Banks changes interpreter between seasons 3 and 4 prince of bel air, due to backstage tension between Janet Hubert and Will Smith. From the first episode of Season 4, the role is taken over by Daphne Reed and Jazz then looks at her and says: “You know, Mrs. Banks, there’s been something different about you since you had this baby.”, Then, Will gives the camera a look that says it all…

arrested Development

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If most of the time the series has to deal with one actor leaving and replacing another, it’s quite the opposite. arrested Development, The initial idea was to choose another actress to play the character of Ann Weil from season to season, in order to play off the fact that we conveniently forget her existence, a recurring joke in the series.

During Season 1, Ann is played by Alessandra Torresani. Then, in Season 2, Mae Whitman took over the role. The latter’s performance convinced the producers so much that they ultimately decided to stick with their original plan rather than keep it.

irreparable blank


Morgan, Eric and Corey’s younger sister irreparable blank, changes interpreter along the way. She was played by Lily Nicksay until the last episode of season 2, then reappeared as actress Lindsay Ridgeway in episode 14 of season 3. Seeing him, his brother Corey tells him: “Morgan, it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other”, To which Morgan replies: “Yeah, I feel like I’ve been hibernating for ages”, Message reached!

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