This smartphone has neither a camera nor GPS. The manufacturer claims that this is its advantage

Newer versions of Android give users a fair amount of privacy control. The Chinese brand benco, however, decided to throw the baby out with the bathwater and create a phone in which it is extremely difficult to breach privacy.

benco V80s is a smartphone without a camera and GPS

Why block apps from accessing your camera when you can buy a smartphone that doesn’t have one at all? Why restrict access to a location if you can have a phone that is unable to determine it at all? This was the idea behind the Benco V80s.

The manufacturer argues that the users of his phone they won’t have to worry about malwarebecause this one will have little private data to steal anyway. Although, of course, the lack of a camera and GPS in no way contributes to the protection of SMS, e-mails, notes or payment card data.

Considering that the smartphone has no camera (not even for a selfie), it seems quite absurd to use an indented display. One can only guess that such panels were ordered at a good price.

Besides, the benco V80s is a very average phone with a 6.5 inch 720p screen, Unisoc SC9863A chip, ¾ GB RAM, fingerprint reader and 5000 mAh battery. Unfortunately, the manufacturer values ​​his privacy so much that the price and availability details have not yet been disclosed.

Contrary to appearances, there has always been a demand for phones without cameras

Many of us cannot imagine our life without a camera in our pocket, but many people simply cannot use them for professional reasons.

I myself had the opportunity to participate in several pre-premiere smartphone shows, during which the camera on my phone was sealed with a special seal to protect the products that have not yet been presented against leaks. A smartphone without a camera can make everyday life easier for people who work in such conditions on a daily basis.

Once upon a time, Nokia was fond of creating camera-less variations of its popular cells. Enough to mention the E51 business model from 2008.

Nokia E51 version without a camera

Famous for its privacy concerns, BlackBerry released a special variant of its popular phone in 2014, called BlackBerry Classic Non Camera. It was distinguished from the basic model by & hairsp; – & hairsp; as it is easy to guess & hairsp; – & hairsp; only the lack of a camera.

BlackBerry Classic Non Camera

Introducing such a defective device to the market is not as stupid as it may seem at first glance.

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