This song with conservative accents dethroned Taylor Swift in the “charts” in the United States

In the enclosures of the Fiserv Forum, in Milwaukee, on August 23, the song number 1 on the Billboard chart of the last few days sounded. To welcome the candidates for the Republican primary, it was not Taylor Swift or Beyoncé, but Oliver Anthony and his song “Rich Men North of Richmond”, which were broadcast. The title with conservative and anti-elite overtones is a hit in the American charts, explains HuffPost. In particular with the right fringe of the United States, soon to be called upon to elect the candidate who will represent the Republican party in the presidential election of November 2024. “I work all day / Overtime / For a pittance / I waste my time and I waste my life / Then I come home and I drown my troubles”, can we hear in the headline title of the moment. The interpreter, Oliver Anthony, is not shy about blaming the “rich men north of Richmond” for his problems. Understand: political leaders who live in the US capital, Washington DC

“Those rich men north of Richmond / They wanna control everything / Know what you think / What you do / And they don’t think you know / But I know you know / ‘Cause your dollar ain’t got no value / And he’s taxed endlessly,” Oliver Anthony sings again. Words that resonate among conservatives, among whom anti-elite discourse is gaining more and more momentum. This explains its sudden success. The title (…)

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