This TikTok trick shows you how to make your bra straps invisible

Don’t have a strapless bra? No problem. TikTok has the perfect solution for this and it’s super easy.

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Did you know that all of your bras can be converted to a strapless option? The social platform for the best fashion trends proves once again that everything is possible. And it’s timely, because it’s time for light clothing.

fashionista There’s one thing agreed upon on TikTok: There’s no way you’re going to spend a dollar on a strapless bra. A viral video with over 8 million views will definitely inspire you to do the same and your wallet will thank you!

The trick is to hide your bra straps so they look non-existent.

Here are the steps:

1. Put on your bra and loosen the straps completely (you can adjust it later if needed).

2. Cross the strips at the ends one by one, diagonally over your head.

3. Place each strip under your armpit.

4. For a more secure end result, tighten the straps to get comfortable and make the cup stable.

As if by magic, your bra is now invisible!

If you feel a lack of support, you will need to continue adjusting the straps to secure the bra and prevent it from falling down.

Also, it is important to know that this trick only works with straight tops, without cutouts or low-cut necklines, as otherwise the bra will be visible.

This great cover-up technique frees your shoulders from bulky suspenders and dresses you up with any tube or sleeveless dress that makes you feel fabulous.

If this simple trick is taking TikTok by storm, other stars are also enjoying the comeback trend that is the exposed bra trend. We saw Olivia Rodrigo and Sydney Sweeney proudly display their underwear.

Are you of the invisible bra or visible bra clan?

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