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Yes, it’s nonsense.

Beyonce is one of the greatest singing stars of our time (of all time?) and as such, she is often the victim of rumors, each one more astonishing than the next. It was said of her that she was an Illuminati, that she was not Beyoncé (!) or that she had never been pregnant. And, a few days ago, the Sun assured that Queen B had a funny habit: when she is on tour, she would never travel without her own toilet. That she alone is entitled to use of course.

Beyoncé, the war of the throne…

According to the tabloid, to transport them discreetly behind the scenes of his concerts, his entourage would hide them in a black box, itself hidden in a personalized golf cart and covered with a black sheet. But those who are aware of this sleight of hand cannot help but smile when they come across this famous box.

“Beyoncé can literally ask for anything. His team goes to great lengths to ensure his comfort. These personal toilets are the perfect example of this.”, justified a relative of the singer. A little fantasy that would cost a few thousand dollars since these toilets follow her to the four corners of the world.

As it is common for renowned artists to have small diva requirements, we will say that it would not surprise us more than that. However, this rumor was denied by Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles.

Asked about the subject by TMZ (yes, people want to know!), she replied that this story was “totally ridiculous”. But then, what hides this crate on which we can read the inscription “toilets seats” (toilet seats) and of which a photo has been shared on social networks? “These are supports for placing fans. We call them between us toilet seats”, explained Tina. It’s good, we are convinced.

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