This ultra-cheap phone has a 6.72-inch screen and 50 MP camera, making it a great value

With a discount of over 40 euros, this POCO smartphone is a very complete option if you are looking for a phone for basic purposes

Only €107: This ultra-cheap phone with a 6.72-inch screen and 50 MP camera is a great deal
This ultra-cheap phone’s 50 MP camera lets you take stunning photos // Photo: Christian Collado

You can chat using WhatsApp, go to social networks like Instagram, search for information with the help of Google Maps or Chrome, and more. Little C65.If you are one of those people who use mobile phones for such daily activities, then this smartphone has everything you need.You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get it because now The price of AliExpress Plaza drops to 107 euros in a Unbeatable offers.

We must tell you that we have analyzed this POCO C65 and in our opinion it is impossible to find a phone of higher quality for around 100 euros. It has good build quality, Big bright screenperform basic tasks correctly, 50 MP camera Can take good photos and Up to 2 days of autonomy. Considering you only paid 107 euros for it, you can’t ask for more.

All you need to do is select 6GB+128GB black model You can continue to buy at AliExpress Plaza and it will be so cheap. Since it is a Plaza version of the store, Shipping fee is free, it is made in Spain and takes only a few days. This POCO C65 is also on sale on Amazon and the official Xiaomi store for 139.99 euros, and on MediaMarkt and PcComponentes it costs about 150 euros.

Little C65

Buy POCO C65 for only €107

As a phone that costs just over 100 euros, you might expect the terminal to have very good build quality, but this is not the case. POCO C65 is a Well made phone provided a very pleasant feeling The back has a matte finish that feels great to the touch.Furthermore, another feature of it is that it is thin (8.09mm) and light (192g), which always helps Comfort of use.

We leave its design to talk to you about its screen, which is another reason why it’s worth buying.Equip one 6.72-inch LCD panel and HD+resolution (1600 x 720 pixels) and, note, 90 Hz soda water. It is important to emphasize this last detail, as it provides a fluidity to the image that is not often seen in smartphones in this price range.As for audio, you can use speakers or connect headphones, both pass 3.5 mm jack For example Bluetooth.

The processor that brings it to life is MediaTek Helio G85with the necessary authority to execute Commonly used typical tasks. As we explained at the beginning, with this POCO C65 you can chat, check social networks or watch videos on YouTube without any problems.Arrive with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storagewith the option to expand the latter using a microSD card.

You can also take photos with your mobile phone. 50-megapixel rear camera Performs well in well-lit environments. You don’t have to worry about autonomy either, because you can with this POCO C65 2 consecutive days Thanks to its large 5,000 mAh battery.Fast charging is 18Wthe box contains a charger and USB cable.

Little C65

Despite being a 100 euro phone, POCO C65 doesn’t give up fingerprint reader, located to its right. Additionally, it has NFC technology, which means you can use it to pay for purchases and transfer files quickly.Finally, you should know that your operating system is MIUI 14 for POCO.

It seems like a joke that you can buy a phone with these features for only 100 euros, but it’s not.As we have already told you, the price is A more complete model is hard to find Than POCO C65. Don’t miss this opportunity, buy it at AliExpress Plaza for only 107 euros.

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