this unsavory detox and slimming drink that melts abdominal fat

To have a flat stomach, no need to follow slimming programs or join the gym, we have a miracle drink for you: Kefir. A true secret of health and beauty, this beverage has been passed down for more than a century, from generation to generation. And we understand why ! Despite its acidic taste which leaves something to be desired, this fermented drink made from kefir grains is a real fat burner. More precisely, kefir is composed of yeasts, bacteria and clusters of microorganisms which allow the fermentation of sugar water or a dairy product. These are small grains that swell over time. If its acidity and milky texture are difficult to swallow, there is an alternative to consuming kefir without hurting our taste buds. It’s fruit kefir!

Diet: what are the benefits of kefir?

Of course, kefir is not appreciated for its taste but rather for its many benefits. This drink acts on the intestinal flora by feeding on the bacteria of the microbiota to rebalance your flora. It also helps facilitate digestion and has positive effects on transit! Drinking kefir helps reduce bloating and helps you get a flat stomach. And that’s all we’re looking for! Finally, according to scientific studies, kefir strengthens the immune system. It also prevents skin problems (…)

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