This video of Jennifer Lopez “100% natural” divides her fans

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The singer and actress has posted a video where she shows herself in the middle of a facial treatment, without an ounce of makeup to show that she is radiant and happy at 54 years old.

As we know, Jennifer Lopez has made naturalness and glow her credo. And especially that of her brand JLo Beauty which she launched with this slogan: “Beauty has no deadline”. She proves it once again with this video posted on her account.

On video, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck sing together

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Ben Affleck’s wife, who celebrated her 54th birthday on July 24, has indeed unveiled a video called “This is… 54” where she appears in a nude satin bathrobe embroidered with her name, her hair up in a bun. .

She films herself in front of the camera putting on her various treatments (JLo Beauty of course). She explains that she presents herself with her face bare, without makeup and reveals her beauty essentials, such as a serum and an SPF that she has used every day without exception since her twenties. “There is no editing or filter on this video”, specifies the actress on the screen while writing in caption: “Zero filter. 100% me” and specifying with the hashtag #thisismenow (a nod to his album This is me and especially to his new album, which is scheduled for release this year) is “#cestmoimaintenant at 54 years old, radiant and happy”. The singer indeed seems fulfilled between her marriage to Ben Affleck, the success of her beauty brand and a busy career (a new album to come and the film The Mother).

However, in the comments, Internet users are skeptical. We can thus read: “She is incredible. She looks younger than 54 but there is definitely a filter on this video. Or at least special lighting.” “54 years old with aesthetic medicine, Botox, injections and filters. Just stop. Don’t be dishonest.” Or: “JLO, I think you are absolutely amazing. I like your music, your movies, I’m a big fan. But I am sincerely disappointed that you are not honest about your beauty routine.

Accusations that come up regularly about the singer but that she denies just as regularly, claiming on many occasions that she has never had Botox or other injections.

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