This “vintage” makeup trend is back, and here’s how to adopt it in style

It is on the streets of New York, London, Paris and Milan that makeup trends stand out. Indeed, apart from Fashion Weekthe beautistas and the fashionistas show up to their 31. The opportunity for all the spectators to detect what is happening and what is being prepared.

It’s not just about fashion, since makeup trends are seen as the nose in the middle of the face. But this year, it’s not the nose we want to talk about. In fact, we took a leap into the past by discovering the lipstick favorite of the most fashionable girls. To attend fashion shows, they arrived all dressed up, with the same color on their lips.

This makeup trend is from the past

The 90s are in the spotlight right now. Indeed, a look adopted by Jennifer Aniston’s character, in Friendshas made its comeback. Rachel Green has reason to be proud of herself, since she is at the origin of a makeup trend that continues to please. Forgotten for many years, or even becoming outdated, this trend is just in time for the start of the school year.

We forget the tangy colors of summer or the scarlet red that we consider classic. No, this season, it’s brown lipstick that will be on everyone’s lips. 30 years after his advent, this look has started to get noticed again on the streets of New York. The advantage? It is suitable for all complexions.

A color that suits everyone

Whether you are blonde, like Rachel Green in Friends, brunette or redhead, brown lipstick will make you stand out. In addition, the color of your skin does not matter: there are many shades of brown ! So, you can choose it in matte or iridescent version, latte or espresso. It’s up to you to find the ideal shade to highlight you.

To apply it, nothing could be simpler. If we follow the hottest trend, you’re going to need two products: the lipstick of your choice and a lip pencil. First, trace the outline of your mouth with the pencil, making sure not to go too far. Next, take care of the interior.

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How to adopt the trend?

Some stars opt for a slight difference. Others prefer a more significant gradient. To achieve it, they apply brown pencil to the contour of the lips, then fill the inside with a shade rather beige. Finally, to create an ombré effect, they blend from the outside towards the inside, coloring lightly with their pencil.

In fact, we expected a strong comeback for this makeup trend. Indeed, the Brownie Glazed Lips appeared in 2022, before being adopted by Hailey Bieber. More recently, these are the Cherry Cola Lips which caused a furor, before leaving the stage to theespresso make-up. It’s your turn to adopt it in your own way. And, if you need inspiration, the beautistas on social networks will be happy to share their tutorials!

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