This vitamin that you need to stock up on is essential for the proper functioning of your body after 50

As we age, the needs of our body evolve. It is therefore important to pay attention to them in order to face these changes more calmly. This is even more valid after the age of 50, when our health is often put to the test, while our body is in full upheaval on a physical, hormonal or even psychological level. To take care of your health, it is therefore appropriate to boost your intake of good nutrients, but also of minerals and vitamins, which are intended to be all the more essential as we age. This is particularly the case with a vitamin, which we should stock up on as soon as we pass the age of fifty, to ensure we stay in shape and best preserve all our cognitive abilities. This is none other than vitamin B12, which serves as fuel for the brain. Essential, this ensures the proper functioning of the nervous system and the formation of red blood cells. A vitamin B12 deficiency can thus cause various more or less serious disorders, such as fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, nausea, digestive problems, difficulty walking, mood disorders or speech disorders. memory and sometimes even lead to dementia.

Where to find vitamin B12?

To compensate for the reduction in natural production (…)

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