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This War of mine is a video game based on the War survival genre created as well as published by Polish Game Development Company and 11-bit studios. The game varies from most video games which follow the theme of war by targeting the common war experience instead of the front line battle. Characters are supposed to take tough decisions for surviving the day-to-day dangers. Different endings have to be faced by each character which depends on different decisions taken in the game. 

This War of Mine was launched for Microsoft Windows, OS X as well as Linux in November 2014. The Android version of the game was launched on 14th July 2015 which is preceded by the different ports of IOS on the next day. The extension packs are known as This War of Mine: The Little Ones was launched for Xbox One and PS4 on 29th January 2016 and on 1st June 2016 for the Windows console. An edition of the game which includes the content labelled as This War of Mine: Complete Edition was launched for Nintendo Switch on 27th November 2018. 

This War of mine is a strategy game which is based on the theme of survival in which the player can control a civilian group of survivors in a shelter which is makeshift in the besieged, the war based virtual city of Pogoren, Graznavia. The most important aim of the game is surviving the battle with different materials and tools that the player can collect with the characters that are controlled by them. 
What is the game about? 

The majority of the characters who are in the control of the player don’t have a military background and they don’t have any experience of survival as well, and you will need consistent intervention from the player for staying alive. It is the responsibility of the player for maintaining the health, mood, and hunger levels of the character till a ceasefire is declared which can happen to post a random survivor.  

In the day, all the hostile snipers can stop the survivors from moving outside, and providing the player enough time for crafting tools from the accumulated materials, trade, shelter upgrade, prepare food as well as heal all the survivors. During the night, the player is provided the chance to move out and hunt all the nearby regions for valued resources that are needed for their day to day survival. 
All through their excursions, the survivors that are controlled by players can be encountering all other survivors of NPC in the war, who can be chosen for helping with different gifts like medicine or food and kill or rob. The player can build up a radio in their shelter, which will offer reliable information like economic updates, weather warnings, and different needs related to the present war effects for helping the player in planning an appropriate shelter upgrade as well as hunting mission. 
The player can start with one amongst the four survivors the actions of whom can be affected by the player. The actions made by the player can change the different kind of endings that is faced by every survivor. Every character has got single or double traits that can either help or hinder the player apart from the hidden ones, different stats that can affect the battle, speed of movement, and a lot more. 
The players who tried their hands on the earlier titles of this game series already know about the basic features offered by this game series. However, there are certain added features in this game which are mentioned below as follows:

All the events in this game are inspired by real-life events which make the players have a realistic gaming experience. All the levels and tasks in the game are inspired by real-life events and the players can never feel bored of this game. 

The players can control their survivors on their own and also manage all their shelters with the help of different strategies. There are different ways by which you can manage your shelter in the game. 

Main features of the game 

This War Of Mine PC Game Download

Name This War Of Mine
Initial Release Date 14 November 2014
Publisher 11 Bit Studios
Composer(s) Piotr Musiał; Krzysztof Lipka
Genres  Stealth game, Strategy game, Adventure game
Android, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS, Linux
Developers  11 Bit Studios, Crunching Koalas
Category PC Games >Survival

How To Download This War Of Mine PC Instructions

  • Aesthetics

This War Of Mine– Minimum System Requirement

  • New characters 

This War Of Mine– Recommended System Requirement

  • Random world 

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