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It’s already Monday and we bring you another round of premieres on the main on-demand content platforms to let you know all Movies, series and documentaries coming to Netflix, SkyShowtime, HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and Movistar Plus+.

So don’t miss this compilation with all Premieres airing the week of May 15-21. Close the San Isidro Bridge with all the news to come!

All premieres on Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video

we’ll start by talking about netflix and movie forever loyal Where we learn the story of two friends who cover each other’s backs to get out and have secret adventures, but their elaborate web of lies crumbles when one of them goes missing.

We have one of the most anticipated premieres on Disney+. We’re talking about Blondes Can’t Jump, the reboot of one of the most emblematic basketball movies from the Mouse Factory and we’ll get to know the stories of Jeremy and Kamal, two basketball lovers who want to become professionals.

We move on to Movistar Plus+, where Todo Train 2 arrives: yes, it’s back to them again, perfect for family viewing, Doing Santiago Segura & Co’s own work is always a guarantee of success.

We close with HBO Max, Where we’ll enjoy Spy, a series of spies in which a KGB agent fights to learn all the movements of Romanian dictator Nicolas Ceausescu. Unless his cover is blown and he doesn’t have to try to flee the country.

series coming on netflix

May 17

doctor cha

May 18

kiss kitty

yakitori, soldiers of misfortune

May 19


May 25


upcoming movies on netflix

May 17

always faithful

May 19

Kathal: The Mystery of Kathal

documentaries netflix

May 16

Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me

May 17

Rhythm + Flow: France T2

May 19

Sunset: The Golden Mile T6

Young, Famous & African T2


May 18

Kabul Unit

Upcoming Movies on MOVISTAR+

May 16

who i am not

novelist and his film

May 17

turning page

May 19

Full Throttle 2: Yep, it’s them again

May 20

Accident Man: On Vacation

May 21


Documentaries coming to MOVISTAR+

May 18

19, Face the truth alone

May 19

Joe Strummer: the life and death of a singer

disney+ movies

May 19

blondes can’t jump

The series is coming to HBO Max

May 19

spy / master

documentary hbo max

May 17

angel city

May 21

love to love you, donna summer

amazon prime video

May 15

Lewandowski: The Unknown

May 18

Ferganez T2

May 19

Bhakti: Story of Heroes


May 19

Villeneuve Pironi: the untold tragedy of racing

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