This will be the first that Antoine Griezmann will receive from the hands of users

The Breakthrough Judge’s Award of the Time is an award created by and for the fans, The fan decides which song he wants, the fan decides how he gets the Trofeo… and the fan has the opportunity to be collected in Mano al Vencedor.

We know when the time is up, fu el rojiblanco antoine griezmannCredit was given to Robert Lewandowski and Iago Aspas for their exceptional regularity: Delantero Gallo del Atlético de Madrid, who scored 15 goals and distributed 16 assists, was Elegido decisivo jugador de la Jornada in 11 of La Liga’s 38 days.

The selection of trophies that go to users

This week We also know how to get the reward, We will vote with you to vote for users Socios.comThe Fan Token Platform, which you and your fans vote for and co-host, is awarded MARCA.

With your votes through the app, Users will decide on a design inspired by the SSU token We receive free forms from users who interact with the platform and can receive official company products along with infinite rewards and prizes, VIP entries and exclusive experiences.

For example, experience Take the prize with Antoine Griezmann. In this case, otherwise it would not be necessary to transfer the SSU token. Sort the Plaza: One of our guests will participate in a final interview to choose the winner of Gellardon and the other queens will vote to choose the award design. Winners will be selected once they know the date and location of the premium contract, which will be announced almost immediately.

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