This will be the new HMD N159V

HMD Global also hopes to stand out in the mobile industry with its own brand, and this N159V will be the first smartphone 100% designed for them.

Selling only under the Nokia brand is no longer so interesting: this will be the new HMD N159V
This will be the new HMD N159V, the first HMD without Nokia branding.

Although the brand Nokia Not lost in the mists of time, its mobility catalog will continue to grow even with models built in Europe, it seems. Its parent company HMD Global no longer likes its brand appearing less visible In the smartphone industry, we have known for a long time that they are planning to enter the industry and also highlight the HMD name.

In fact, we’ve seen leaks Some models such as HMD M-KOPA X1a Nokia C32 highlighted and given some tweaks, although now We have a safer bet This will be the first device 100% designed for the HMD brand, This N159V shows the cover image This has been leaked on 91mobiles.

As you will see, Drawing an affordable smartphone With its simple and practical design, Definitely for emerging markets Just like India, getting there at very low prices will ensure significant market share and high sales figures.

You can see the clean rear with the hump Dual camera moduleand in front you will find camera Selfie lower hole Leave maximum space for the screen where we don’t know any details.

Selling only under the Nokia brand is no longer so interesting: this will be the new HMD N159V

The new HMD Global logo for its smartphones.

In fact, that’s exactly what it is The technical part is not leaked at allso like we said, we can’t tell you anything about this new phone. HMD Global’s first design for its brand They also changed their logo, Subtle modernization of corporate identity at the international level.

There is also the same logo on the backlet us consider that the device This is real and not just a rumorand its development will also be very advanced.

HMD Global has changed its logo to modernize the brand and push to launch its own phones, as the company now looks to gain a foothold in the market by moving slightly away from Nokia.

There are some other details that can be extracted, such as plastic materialWell, we didn’t see that Typical cuts for metal frames where the antenna is inserted, but more is not possible because You don’t even notice the fingerprint reader is on the side Or if it ends up going below the screen.

What the source does say is Might be ready in Aprilso we’ll be keeping an eye on HMD Global’s (and Nokia’s) moves… What will they bring us by 2024?

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