This will happen in early 2022 in the series Kozacka Miłość. Death in custody!

At the beginning of 2022, in the series “Cossack Love”: Kolevanov promises Marysia to help her take revenge on Stepan. The lawyer suggests Gruszyn that his mother is mentally ill, while blaming Marysia for the murder. Marysia will find Kuczniew at Stepan’s house and learn that she has been accused of a crime. What else will happen in the series “Kozacka Miłość” after the New Year? We present abstracts under the photos.

Ilia comes to Alona, ​​seeing that she is sick, takes her abroad for treatment. Kuczniew interrogates Sofia Gruszyna, tries to get money from her or from Stepan. Sofia dies in custody that same night …

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The action of the series “Cossack Love” takes place in the Ukrainian provinces at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The series can be watched on TVP 2 – from Monday to Friday, at 6:45 PM and on TVP VOD.

“Cossack love” tells the story of love for which there are no barriers and opposites. A young and beautiful girl, Marysia Sotnyk, grows up in the family of a wealthy Kozak, surrounded by caring paternal love. An accident almost occurs during a carriage ride, and a poor nobleman, Stepan Gruszin, rescues her from oppression, who comes to her native village. Marysia falls in love with Stepan and wants him to become her husband at all costs. However, the young nobleman is madly in love with Alona.


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