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Pascale de La Tour du Pin shared that she had been faced with attempts to dissuade her from joining Cyril Hanouna on C8.

Next Tuesday, September 5, the journalist, with experience at BFMTV and LCI, will embark on a new adventure by presenting “PAF”, preliminary issue to “Do not touch My TV!” on C8.

One of the unexpected elements of the 2023 television transfer window was the announcement of the arrival of Pascale de La Tour du Pin on C8. The journalist chose to leave BFMTV to join Cyril Hanouna’s team and host the pre-show of “TPMP”, entitled “PAF”, a program focused on the media.

This major change took place during the summer, in the middle of July. Pascale de La Tour du Pin shares her experience: “Cyril called me and presented me with this opportunity”she said during her interview on the set of “Buzz TV” on Tuesday.

She confides that at first, the proposal surprised her, but after a lunch with Cyril Hanouna, she was convinced. She appreciates the boss’s media vision and considers his analysis relevant. She also highlights her longstanding interest in “infotainment” (fusion of information and entertainment).

When she shared the news with her former boss Marc-Olivier Fogiel, her reaction was not the most positive. “He was surprised, I don’t think he expected it. The season had been very successful, my show had been extended by one hour. My departure from BFMTV was not due to problems, I was in the lead every day. I change for different reasons, to take up a new challenge. (…) I am taking a new path, but I am extremely enthusiastic about it”, she rejoices.

The “PAF” program will focus on deciphering the media, a title in keeping with its function. Pascale de La Tour du Pin would like to point out that this will not be a forum for opinions. She explains that the program will address media news in the company of columnists.

However, she does not yet reveal the names of those who will make up this team. Tests will be carried out during a pilot which will be recorded this Thursday.

Pascale de La Tour du Pin admits that she could feel uncomfortable when the discussions revolve around BFMTV or LCI, the channels where she has worked in the past.

“I’m likely to step back from the conversation when it comes to BFM,” she admits. I will say it, I will not lie to the viewers. I spent fifteen years at BFM and four at LCI, I understand how news channels work. That won’t stop me from giving my opinion. I can share the anecdotes while respecting confidentiality”she assures.

Regarding Cyril Hanouna, Pascale de La Tour du Pin reveals that those around her had actually tried to dissuade her from joining the host who arouses varied opinions.

She explains that she made her decision independently, as it was a personal choice for her career. The criticisms aroused by his transfer do not seem to affect him. She compares them to water running off a duck’s feathers.

On the other hand, she has not confirmed if she will become Cyril Hanouna’s joker in “TPMP” on Friday or if she will co-host a political program with him, although nothing has been officially decided yet. However, it is certain that she will be a columnist several times a week in “Touche pas à mon poste”.

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