Thomas accepts Liam’s strange request …

Beautiful, advances episode 12 August: Liam’s request to Thomas

The previews of the episode of Beautiful of today, August 12reveal that Steffy goes to visit Liam in prison, and he informs her that he has asked a Thomas to stay close to Hope during this very difficult time for his family. At the same time, Logan tries to be positive and conveys her optimism to Liam about her about her future out of jail. BillMeanwhile, he continues to defend his motives in the face of criticism from Wyatt: His plan would have worked if only Liam hadn’t confessed the whole truth to Hope.

Then, Bill receives a visit from Justin, to whom he impatiently asks for a quick release from prison for himself and Liam. Furthermore, the attorney seems troubled that the publisher intends to entrust the management of Spencer Publications only to Wyatt and not to him. Meanwhile, Brooke he’s not at all thrilled that Liam pushed Thomas to be even more present in Hope’s life. Given the precedents he fears in fact that the son of Ridge can take advantage of the situation …

Beautiful, where we left off: Quinn begs Paris not to say anything to Zoe

In previous episodes of Beautiful, Thomas He went to find Liam in jail. The stylist tries to be understanding about the incident in which Vinny is dead. Young Spencer then makes him an unexpected request: to stay close to Hope and to children in case he is sentenced to years in prison. This leaves the stylist in awe. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Flo they discuss what happened to Bill and Liam, and the strange coincidence that Vinny was right there that night.

Quinn track down Parisbegging her not to say anything to Eric of his night with Carter. Then, the woman plays with cunning in hopes of silencing her and reveals to her that Zoe sabotaged his evening with Zende, weeks ago. Quinn is trying to blackmail her, but Paris stands firm with the idea of ​​her: her sister deserves to know the truth. Desperate, Quinn arrives to make an unthinkable gesture: she kneels on the ground and begs her to shut up.

Beautiful: who is Matthew Atkinson, Thomas’ actor

John Matthew Atkinson is the new face of Thomas Forrester in Beautiful. The American actor, born on December 31, 1988, has been playing him since 2019, succeeding his colleague Pierson Fodé. Matthew Atkinson began his career in show business in 2009, appearing in some TV series and in film The Blind Side with Oscar winner Sandra Bullock.

Later he was in the main cast of the TV series Jane fashion designer by chance (in 2012) before entering soap operas. The first work is in Fever of love, where it appeared between 2014 and 2015; then he stars in two episodes of NCIS Los Angelesand finally arrives at Beautiful. Besides acting, she is also a singer; she also has Irish and Native American descent.


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