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Penultimate day of heats at the Foro Italico in Rome, home of the 2022 European swimming championships. In the tub of the Capital a very intense and interesting program with many blues on the starting blocksready to give their best and maximize performance.

In the 50 freestyle Leonardo Deplano and Lorenzo Zazzeri they obtained the qualification for the semifinals, signing the ex aequo time of 21.89 (third). Further back Alessandro Miressi (18th in 22.26) e Luca Dotto (22nd in 22.41). The best of the morning was the Dutch Thom de Boer (21.59) to precede the world champion, Ben Proud (21.78), and the two blues. In the 200 butterfly women Ilaria Cusinato he put on a good rehearsal: 2: 09.75 for her and third time of entry to the penultimate act, managing her effort. In front of all the Dane was classified Helena Rosendahl Bach (2: 08.66). Seventh chrono for an excellent Antonella Crispino in 2: 11.15, we will see her again in the afternoon.

In the 100 back men card stamped for Thomas Ceccon: the gold medalist, world record holder of the specialty (51.60), swam a quiet time from 53.71 to precede the Greek Apostolos Christou (53.78) and the Portuguese Joao Nogueira Costa (53.87). The impression is that the comparison of the 50 meters, with the Hellenic gold preceding Ceccon by 4 cents (Italian record of 24.40), can be replicated also in this case. For the internal selection in Italy, it will be in the semifinals Michele Lamberti (54.37, sixth in the overall) able to precede Lorenzo Mora (54.41, personal best and seventh in the overall ranking) e Matteo Restivo (54.69 and 15 °).

Swimming, European Championships 2022: Thomas Ceccon without forcing in the semifinals in the 100 backstroke with the best time

Another great challenge in the 50 women’s breaststroke between the blue ranks and it was Arianna Castiglioni to play the charge: the Lombard with a time of 29.91 preceded the world record holder, gold in the 100 breaststroke in Rome, Benedetta Pilato (29.93), and the world champion of distance, Rue Meilutyte (30.12). Eliminated for cutting in the homegrown group Lisa Angiolini (30.62, sixth), continental silver in the 100 frog, e Martina Carraro (30.90, eighth), second in the 200 breaststroke of the Foro Italico.

A decidedly saving test that of Alberto Razzetti and of Pier Andrea Matteazzi in the mixed 200: the two Azzurri, with very high times of 2: 02.16 (12th) and 2: 02.66 (13th), tried to spend as little as possible in view of the afternoon, where they will want to do better in the semifinals. A ranking in which it was the Lusitanian Gabriel Josè Lopes the best in 1: 58.94.

To complete the picture of the Roman morning, it has arrived the qualification of Italy in the 4 × 200 sl mixed: Matteo Ciampi (1: 49.55), Filippo Megli (1: 49.44), Noemi Cesarano (2: 01.17) and Linda Caponi (2: 01.06) achieved the third time of 7: 41.22 behind France (7: 38.82) and to Great Britain (7: 40.84)

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