Thomas Litli sends us back to school

A serious job is director Thomas Litli’s first foray outside the medical world since Hippocrates (2014), Country doctor (2016) or First year (2018). However, they have many points in common. In its approach to the human behind the function and its legitimacy in it, in particular.

After young aspiring doctors, A serious job therefore considers teacher learning. And more particularly that of Benjamin (Vincent Lacoste) who takes his first steps as a temporary worker in a college where he replaces the math teacher.

His first exchange with the director of the establishment is clear: “Above all, don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s already fortunate that they (students, editor’s note) have a teacher. »

The tone is set.

Between a portrait of national education and a slice of the life of teachers, Thomas Litli succeeds in his foray into the educational environment.

The director also calls on a cast of regulars Vincent Lacoste, Louise Bourgoin, François Cluzet and newcomers with Adèle Exarchopoulos, to embody his vision of a united and committed teaching team where each represents a teacher that we have everyone knows: the French teacher close to retirement, the funny English teacher or the SVT teacher, completely overwhelmed.

The school film being a genre in its own right, A serious job has significant predecessors:Between the walls by François Bégaudeau (2008), Student services office by Grand Corps Malade and Medhi Idir (2019). Without being fresh, Thomas Litli’s film perpetuates the tradition.

A serious job • By Thomas Litli • With Vincent Lacoste, François Cluzet, Louise Bourgoin… Released September 13, 2023

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