Thor, a major character from the comics has been continually cut from the movies

According to a costume designer from the Marvel universe, an important character from the Thor comics has been continuously cut so far from the projects brought to the big and small screen: who is it?

The universe Marvel he is probably keeping an ace up his sleeve or simply has no interest in a certain character related to yet Thor. Interpreted by Chris Hemsworth on the big screen, the god of thunder has made his entrance into the MCU for over a decade now, obtaining four stand-alone films, appearances in other Marvel films and figures among the protagonists of the Avengers. Yet, so far, according to a costume designer working for Marvel Studios, a well-known character from comics has always been rejected from projects. Because? And above all, who is it about?

Thor, a character constantly rejected by Marvel Studios: who is he

Since his debut, the god of thunder has given great satisfaction to the audience of the big screen. The last effort is Thor: Love and Thunder which reported Jane Foster’s Natalie Portman once again at Thor’s side, this time in possession of his iconic hammer. Another strong link is certainly the one with Lokicharacter entrusted to Tom Hiddleston which got a stand alone TV series. In the third film of Thor: Ragnarok, Asgard is destroyed due to the clash with Hela, their sister. Yet so far Marvel Studios has omitted a brother from the picture. In fact, anyone who has read the comics knows that the god of thunder has another half-brother who is waiting patiently in the wings to appear sooner or later on the big or small screen. It’s about Balder the braveanother of Odin’s sons who almost appeared in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Almost because, according to ScreenRant, he was involved in the Illuminati fight scene against the Scarlet Witch, but he was never shown to the public. Confirming the continuous rethinking of the Studios was Graham Churchyard, MCU costume designer. To the microphones of comic book he has declared:

We continued working on Balder the Brave and waited for the casting. I worked on a sort of prototype by putting together fabrics and ideas while waiting for an actor. Poor Balder the Brave, he almost made the first three Thor movies. Unfortunately I don’t think he will appear anytime soon.

Now that Asgard has been destroyed anyway, the involvement of Thor’s brother could be even more complicated, but not impossible.

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