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With Thor: Love and ThunderMarvel Studios did not repeat the “miracle” from Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness. The new film by Taika Waititi in fact, it grossed much less than the previous one: the 663 million dollars (source: box office mojo) collected against Ragnarok’s 845, but, above all, it did not shine from the point of view of critical and public appreciation. Already on July 9th we explained to you that the CinemaScore score, one of the lowest obtained by a Marvel Cinematic Universe film, would probably have negatively influenced the commercial performances of the cinecomic (HERE ARE ALL THE DETAILS). Which then happened.

Waiting for news about the arrival of Thor: Love and Thunder streaming on Disney Plus, we report a curiosity that has to do with the score of the blockbuster on Rotten Tomatoes. If, close to the arrival in the hall, the percentage obtained from the film placed it at 68% of positive reviews, above only Thor: The Dark World, now the percentage has settled at 66% (source: Rotten Tomatoes) . The second and fourth Thunder God films are now paired (although one, The Dark World, compared to 285 reviews reviewed and the other, Love and Thunder, by 406).

T.hor: Love and Thunder arrived in cinemas on July 6, 2022. Find all the news on the highly anticipated cinecomic in our tab.

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