Thor review: Love and Thunder, are we fed up with Marvel?

Thor: Love and Thunder



6.0 / 10


  • the main cast (particularly Chris Hemsworth and Christian Bale) seem very comfortable in their inspection roles
  • The third act in principle does not disappoint
  • The ending is very intimate and cute


  • Definitely too many jokes that do not make you laugh and that do not leave room for the right comic times
  • The damned goats
  • Natalie Portman definitely out of place

The highly anticipated new film from Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor: Love and Thunder is finally out in theaters, for the joy of fans of the Marvel Comics cinematic universe, but also for the disappointment of as many spectators.

While any new addition to the MCU never disappoints at the box office or in the streaming market, this latest installment of the super hero vikingdirected once again by the New Zealand director and comedian Taika Waititi, is having a hard time being appreciated even by specialized criticismperhaps now proven by fatigue in reviewing every upcoming Marvel Studios product, a number that has grown exponentially from year to year.

The basic plot is quite linear: Gorrthe killer of the gods (played by Christian Bale) wants to exterminate all the gods of the universe to bring them to extinction, and it will be up to Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), Korg (Taika Waititi) and one revived Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) set off on an adventure at the edge of the cosmos to defeat it definitively.

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It is emblematic that such an elementary film annoy so much criticism, now well aware of the characteristics of MCU products, though Love & Thunder is far from being defined unwatchable. It is true that even casual fans may notice all cliche which for years have been presented every time a new branded film Marvel Studios is presented in the halls.

Certainly the most substantial complaints are concentrated in the unbridled use of the humor (which in this film reaches prevailing levels almost at every scene) already massively present in the previous film always directed by Waititi, Thor Ragnarok, but here used even more frequently, to the point of making this one comedy set in space absolutely not fun.

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Clearly, the comedy is subjective, but this does not mean that such a sentence must justify every time wrong comic timing or jokes that fail to amuse any negative judgment. Otherwise, the very existence of specialized criticism would make no sense, not only with regard to comedy, but also for movies or any form of art. What the director fails in is precisely the non-arbitrariness in knowing how to use humor with the right timing. Not a moment’s left is left breath between one joke and the other, which makes it difficult for the public to metabolize the exchange of gag uninterrupted.

At least questionable is the choice to base the tone of humor on the style of cringe and jokes that recall meme from social network (One of the recurring gags is the use of the annoying scream of goats by Thor, which refers to old compilation videos of the “Screaming goats”That could be found on Youtube few years ago).

It is therefore not only the dubious quality of the gags that make the film almost bothersome to see, but it is also there frequency where these gags are repeated. It seems that the stylistic choice that has been proposed for this film is permeate the scenes of comic curtains, although sometimes they really appear out of placeto the point of making the arrival of a gag predictable.

However, we must give credit that the number of gags and comic curtains is drastically reduced in the last part during the climax of the film, and it is in this part that the film manages to give the best it can offer and you can see that, hidden by all those embarrassing comic moments, Thor: Love and Thunder he can (or rather had the opportunity to) tell a story exciting and in a sense moving from different points of view. Probably one of the objectives that Waititi had set himself to achieve and that, fortunately, he succeeded in his intent.

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The final product that is Thor: Love & Thunder it may not be exactly unexpected. Waititi’s precedent on Thor: Ragnarock it was exemplary of how the director would play the superhero character. With Thor: RagnarockWaititi completely scaled down the character of Thorleaving the tone behind serious and epic (but at times boring) of the first two films, giving it a new one instead lifeblood with a style easygoing and effervescent. In this process the director was helped by a cast of actors with a great charismatic charge such as Mark Ruffalo in the role of Hulk, Tom Hiddleston how Lokiand especially Jeff Goldblum who played the role of Great teacher. All characters who, put together, have a strong character chemistryI expect that unfortunately lacks of the new movie.

As for the actor’s performance, it is now hard to deviate Chris Hemsworth from the character he has been playing for years now. You have now fully assimilated the part of Norse godso much so that his interpretation influenced the characterization of the character created by Stan Lee.

If the solar performance god of thunder manages to convince, that of the antagonist he has to face in this film is no less. With his acting prowess built through years and years of acting, Christian Bale manages to steal the show from the protagonist of the film, proving to be able to stage an antagonist on paper simplebut able to give more emotions gloomy And scary. The combination of the acting talent of Bale and the decisive look for the character of Gorr make the result a bad one immediately framed And convincingwhich is immediately perceived both in its strengths and its weaknesses as a serious threat to the hero and those around him.

But the same cannot be said for Thor’s ex-girlfriend, Jane Foster, now renamed “The Mighty Thor” interpreted by Natalie Portman. With the possession of the Mjolnirin this film Jane manages to acquire the powers of Thor and the narrative arc in which the character is inserted has the potential to be Interesting. In this case, however, what is strange is Portman’s interpretation, which results in a fish out of water in the context in which he wanted to reintroduce his character. It is quite clear that the actress is not used to this style eccentric And above the lines that the MCU has decided to adopt a few years ago, a style that makes a measured actress like Natalie Portman definitely out of place.

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Definitely, Thor: Love and Thunder it is not a definable film uglybad criticisms that has accumulated in the days following the arrival of the rooms are enough understandable. As already mentioned, the third act all in all it turns out to be satisfying to see, but to get there you have to endure over an hour of comic situations embarassing and at times irritants, which is a shame because under that mass of clichés of the now tried and tested Marvel formula there could have been, both from an aesthetic and a plot point, a respectable film. As usual, it is always a problem of representation.

Thor review: Love and Thunder, are we fed up with Marvel?  10

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