those precedents and the desire of fiuuu

TURIN – Maximilian Merry has a great desire for “fiuuu”. Tells: «It’s true, I have always qualified for the second round until now, as a coach. My teams have never played so badly in the Champions League. But … In the first year at Juve we risked being eliminated at home against Olympiacos because we were losing 2-1. Until the math condemns us, we work to get through the shift. Against Maccabi we have to put a brick, then we’ll see later ».
The previous one above leads precisely to a #fiuuu went viral, historical hastag that could rightfully find a place in the Juventus museum. In that edition of Champions (2014-15) Juventus was in Group A with Athletic Madrid, Olympiakos And Malmoe. After a first victory against the Swedes, here are two setbacks: 1-0 defeat in Spain and then again 1-0 in Greece. What’s worse, the third ko, on the fourth day: 25 minutes from the end of Juventus-Olympiakos on 4 November, captain Buffon and his team mates were losing 2-1. The turning point, however, came unexpected and providential thanks to an own goal by Roberto in the 20 ‘and, immediately after, to a goal by Paul Pogba. Allegri had the opportunity to comment via social media: «We all won it together, suffering as a group with our fans. Now it all depends on us, we can aim for first place. #fiuuu ».


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Szczesny: “Allegri is our psychologist”

The analogies

Some analogy there is. If ever the Juventus hit the Maccabi, would close the first half of the group with 3 points. And it would then be called upon to recover and win in the clashes direct. Merry: «We have 0 points in 2 games, you have to try to win. This does not mean going to the pitch and being anxious and in a hurry. The matches are long. We must avoid overdoing it, just like with Bologna. When you chase each other, as happens to us in the league and also in the Champions League, it’s not like you can solve all the problems in a match. We have to start with a victory and we hope this is the right time. Then, one step at a time, we continue ».
For the chronicle and for those who never do rememberthe Juventus closed that edition 2014-15 to Berlin. In the final, against Barcelona (3-1 for the Catalans). The technician implicitly seems to revoke this too: «Is this the most important match of the season? No one knows, it depends … It can even be in a month or two months. Maybe in six months. But let’s also say that it is the most important of the moment because it is to be won. The most important match is always the closest one ».
The indications to the group: «In moments of difficulty you have to play a normal game, you have to put yourself at the service of the team. No one was asked to win alone but to play a team match, with compactness. In these moments, haste and anxiety lead you to make mistakes. The important thing is that the group continues improving last Sunday’s performance in terms of defensive, offensive and match moments ».
A look at the group and a curiosity: everyone assumes that Juve should only run against Benfica. Right so? «In football you never know. If PSG loses both games with Benfica … But we have to work on ourselves: it is useless to think about Benfica if we don’t beat Maccabi in the first leg and back. First let’s focus on this match, then we have the championship, then again Maccabi and then again the championship. One thing at a time, we must try to achieve results ».

Allegri: "We avoid haste and anxiety, we must win"

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Allegri: “Let’s avoid haste and anxiety, you have to win”

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