Those romantic love beats in the streets of «Notting Hill» with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant

Notting Hill is a highly sought-after and exclusive residential area of ​​London. Originally popular, it has become highly coveted since the end of the 90s of the last century.

And it dates back (not surprisingly) to 1999 Notting Hilla film directed by Roger Michell, which has become “cult” thanks not only to location but also to the love story between an American movie star, played by Julia Roberts, and an English bookseller, a charming Hugh Grant.

The famous slogan of this romantic comedy – which will air tonight at 21.10 on La 5 – is “Can the hottest star of the moment fall in love with any London bookshop?” The answer is yes”. Julia Roberts, in her role full of self-irony, is Anna Scott is an American actress, one of the most famous Hollywood stars. She is linked to actor Jeff King, but she falls in love with William Thacker, “Will”, who owns “The Travel Bookshop”, a modest travel book shop in Notting Hill. Shy and awkward, he lives in a house with a blue door with a roommate, Spike (Rhys Ifans). Married in the past and then engaged to Bella (Gina McKee), he falls in love with Anna Scott, with whom he will marry and with whom he will expect a child. She, unbalanced and impulsive, will win an Oscar at the end of the film. Rounding out the cast of principal performers are Emma Chambers, Tim McInnerny and Hugh Bonnevillo. Numerous illustrious actors, all uncredited, who appear in the film in the form of cameos, from Alec Baldwin (Jeff King) to Matthew Modine Sanjeev Bhaskar, to Meg Ryan. The soundtrack won the 2000 Brit Award

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