three deaths in the last week-

Since the beginning of June there have been 144 infections, of which 87 with neuro-invasive symptoms. Some animals are also positive for the virus: mosquitoes, birds, equidae

The number of cases and deaths from West Nile virus in Italy is growing: from the beginning of June until 9 August they were reported 144 infections50 more than 7 days ago, an increase of 53%. Three dead in the last week, which bring the toll from the start of the season to 10 deaths: 6 in Veneto, 2 in Piedmont, 1 in Lombardy and 1 in Emilia-Romagna. These are the data from the Surveillance on West Nile and Usutu virus of the Higher Institute of Health.

Virus present in some animals

Of the 144 cases of West Nile infections in humans, 87 manifested neuro-invasive symptoms33 fever23 cases were identified in blood donors. Surveillance also confirmed the presence of the virus in animals: 121 pools of mosquitoes captured in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Piedmont Emilia Romagna and Lombardy. Also identified 41 birds positive and 6 outbreaks between equidae. However, no positivity was found for West Nile in poultry farms.

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