Three German MEPs write to Weber on Meloni premier-

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The open letter addressed to the president of the EPP accuses the leader of the Brothers of Italy of having positions “that are not compatible with the fundamental values ​​of the European Union”

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BERLIN – «In spite of the support of the European People’s Party for Forza Italia, it is not late for prevent Italy from having right-wing extremist Giorgia Meloni as head of government“. They write it in one open letter to the president of the EPP, Manfred Weber, three German MEPs from Greens, Socialists and Democrats, Renew Europe. Signed by the Vice-President of the Parliament and former German Social Democratic Minister of Justice, Katarina Barleyby the environmentalist Daniel Freund and from the liberal Moritz Körnerthe letter accuses the leader of Fratelli d’Italia, winner of the Italian elections, of having positions “which are not compatible with the fundamental values ​​of the European Unionopenly invite people to be discriminated against and deny the most horrible crimes in European history ».

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It is not clear whether the initiative, which is unprecedented, was launched in a personal capacity or is endorsed by the three political groups to which the deputies belong. Weber is accused of intervening in the election campaign in support of Forza Italiawhich is part of the popular family: “Thealliance of a member party of the EPP with Brothers of Italy is dangerous“, Write the three MEPs, according to whom” the fundamental values ​​cannot be sold off for participation in the government “and”the retaining wall on the right must not fall“. “Italy must not become a precedent in Europe”.

However, it is singular that the accusation to Weber of having supported Forza Italia has also risen this week from within her party, the Bavarian CSU, where Markus Söderpremier of Bavaria, has even proposed to launch a ‘action to expel Berlusconi’s party from the EPP: “We also need to marginalize parties that allow governing coalitions with the far right,” said Söder. But the letter from Barley, Freund and Körner marks a leap in European politics and is certainly bound to lift strong controversy.

The three signatories in fact invite Weber to to force the “Italian members of the EPP to respect the pro-democratic and pro-European consensusAnd to clearly tell Forza Italia, “that there can be no participation in a government with the Brothers of Italy.” If the Berlusconi’s party should instead vote the new government, then “he would no longer have any future within the family of the popular Europeans“. According to the three signatories, “Europe’s conservatives must be an essential part of the fire barrier against the right-wing enemy of democracy”.

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