Three guidelines for peace in Ukraine

If there is one country that should try to win the role of mediator in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it is Italy. In recent days, Republic Italy’s Foreign Ministry released a four-point roadmap, trying to recreate the crisis. A bold hypothesis, the Furnaceina hypothesis, but not easily achieved.

Indeed, the Italian peace plan calls for an immediate ceasefire, followed by an agreement on Ukraine’s neutrality, the agreement on the sovereignty of Crimea and the Donbass (two areas of great interest to President Vladimir Putin, who runs the most Russian-speaking communities in Ukraine) and, finally, about a new international security that could eliminate new conflicts from Europe.

Kiev is currently exploring the project – through Foreign Ministry spokesman Ole Nikolenko – who shared his views on ways to end Russia’s war, saying he “appreciates” Rome’s efforts. At the same time, he warned that “any political decision must respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders.”

So our country began to operate under the new guise of peace. It is in this perspective that the meeting between Prime Minister Mario Tracy and President Volodymyr Zhelensky should be read. as reportedDeal with, The The Ukrainian leader thanked his colleague for “his country’s unconditional support on the path” towards the EU.

The two politicians have not spoken since April 27. Tracy promises Zhelensky, presents him with three directions and Ansa defines them, which he wants to follow. The first way is to get the EU to recognize sanctions and the Sixth Amendment as soon as possible. The second way is “to lift the embargo on Ukrainian ports, resume grain exports and a side effect of the land conflict is to avoid a bread war”.

The Italian proposals are marked by realism and something started to move. Bright little signs of calm relaxation.

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