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We are often led to think that for news to be news it must necessarily be bad news. Instead, what we are telling you today is good news, it is good health news, one that once again should make us proud of our Rizzoli hospital and above all of the professionals who serve you. Because it’s too easy to shoot zero when something doesn’t work fully, but it’s not right that real healthcare companies should then take a back seat, which among other things – we later learned – are not even in the first case of this case . The story we are telling you is linked to a very delicate operation which was carried out at the Lacco hospital where a young woman from Ischia – well known, aged 40 – was operated on for the removal from the ovaries of a benign tumor mass which it even weighed over three kilos. The surgery was carried out last Monday, the alarm went off when the patient went to Rizzoli complaining of severe abdominal pain. The first significant activity on the part of the doctors was to understand if the problem started from the uterus or from other abdominal areas. At this point the gynecology and surgery departments worked in symbiosis, managing to have a clear idea of ​​what the problem was.

The tumor mass removed from the patient

In short, at a certain point the need – and above all the urgency – to free the patient from the voluminous expansive benign ovarian formation was understood. A fairly delicate intervention also because once completed it probably would no longer allow the woman to be able to aspire to motherhood. Not only that, just think that a regular ovary measures an average of 2 and a half centimeters in diameter. The one taken from the patient from Ischia measured 40 centimeters, that is to say twenty times more. Numbers that are enough to understand how we were faced with a huge ball that occupied the operating room team for almost two hours to be eradicated. The patient was intubated and mechanically ventilated in intensive care. The surgery was performed by Dr. Mimmo Loffredo of the surgery of the Rizzoli hospital which allowed the bulk removal of the mass present in the uterus of about 3 kilos. With him in the operating room, among others, the head of gynecology Dr. Nicola Annunziata, then Dr. Alessandro Russo and the anesthesiologist Luciano Impagliazzo. If the surgery had been delayed and the problem not diagnosed in time, the 40-year-old from Ischia could have ended up a victim of intestinal obstruction, with all the consequences of the case, however, easily imaginable. It is impossible to establish how long that three-kilo ‘ball’ has been on the patient’s abdomen, even if from an initial diagnosis it seems that the disease has not affected other organs. Doctors are awaiting the results of the histological examination to determine whether the woman should undergo chemotherapy.

In any case, we are faced with a truly extraordinary intervention due to its complexity and which is indicative of the fact that in order to be able to obtain good healthcare, not only the means but also (if not above all) human resources are needed. Dr. Annunziata, head of the gynecology department, explains to Il Golfo: “We are talking about a forty-year-old patient who has no children but still wishes to become a mother. This mass that compressed her abdomen reached up to the stomach and created discomfort to the genital tracts. Initially the exams did not give a clear answer, only once the abdomen was opened could we get an idea of ​​the state of the art and adjust on how to act”. The head physician then added: “It is true that in such cases it is to be considered the least of the problems, but in any case even the small incision we made aimed at preserving the aesthetic aspect. In the end, however, what matters is that we managed to remove the mass and keep the uterus intact, thus respecting the patient’s wishes”. Nunziata then adds: “Such big masses? In the past, when I served elsewhere, I also removed a seven kilos. It goes without saying that there is great satisfaction with the outcome of the operation, for an intervention of this kind we usually go elsewhere but we have also managed to do an excellent job at Rizzoli: and among other things, for two years I have been managing the gynecology department on the island, many satisfactions have come. Among other things, some time ago always on the island we performed another similar operation on a young patient of 28 years, extracting 28 benign masses from the uterus: in the circumstance both Cardarelli and the Pozzuoli hospital replied to the young woman that it had to be removed the uterus, which we managed to avoid”. to dr. Finally, Annunziata asked what the patient’s reactions were upon waking up from the surgery and he replied: “She was happy when she learned that we were able to ensure that she can continue to cultivate the dream of becoming a mother. She was over the moon, her smile was our greatest satisfaction… ”.

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