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The man allegedly forced a 20-year-old into sexual intercourse after making her drink repeatedly. The victim’s friends called 112, then three others said they were harassed by the same person and filed a complaint

accused of sexual violence against four girls (one forced into sexual intercourse and three others groped), the owner of a club in Citt della Pieve, in the province of Perugia. The man, now in prison, as disputed by the Public Prosecutor of Perugia, he would get the victims drunk to abuse them.

The provision of the investigating judge arrived at the conclusion of an investigation resulting from the complaint of a young woman, just over 20, last Saturday night. In the early hours of last Sunday, the girl, in a strong state of agitation, she told her friends that she had been a victim of sexual violence by the man inside the club. They were the ones who called 112. Alerted, the carabinieri of Citt della Pieve and the 118 vehicles arrived on the spot, rescuing the girl and transporting her to the hospital, where she remained for the investigations and medical examinations which were also useful for detecting the signs of the violence suffered.

The girl had told her friends that she had been forced by the venue manager having sex in the nightclub where they were. Transported to the hospital in Perugia, she had repeated her story to the soldiers of the Arma and filed a complaint against the alleged rapist. According to the victim, she had been approached by the man and taken to a room. He had drunk about her, he had explained, and although he was already drunk with her, the man would continue to offer her a drink before abusing her. The carabinieri then proceeded to hear the girl’s friends and other patrons of the disco.

Among them some girls who confirmed to the military that they were groped or molested by the same person, again that evening. Three of them filed a complaint. The elements provided made it possible to obtain the most serious precautionary measure, custody in prison, justified by the significant gravity of the facts and the negative personality of the suspect, highlighted by the episodes as reconstructed as mentioned in the note signed by the prosecutor of Perugia Raffaele Cantone. Hence the request for the precautionary measure that the investigating judge agreed. The suspect is now in the Capanne prison.

This is theyet another episode of sexual violence in a few hours: in the afternoon the Cagliari State Police stopped a 26-year-old who allegedly abused a woman aboard a cruise ship docked in the port. In Caltanissetta, the Flying Squad instead arrested a middle school teacher for sexual assault against an 11-year-old girl
. The teacher was given house arrest.

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