Thrilling news in Helios cinemas!

Already this Friday, three films will have their premiere: the Polish comedy “Black Sheep”, the American hit “Free Guy” and the animation for the whole family “Wyrolowani”. The youngest viewers will also be interested in “Space Match: New Era”, “Expedition to the Jungle” and the pre-premiere screenings of the film “Paw Patrol”. In addition, Helios’s repertoire will include a daring production of “Suicide Squad. The Suicide Squad and the horror film Beauty and the Butcher. Traditionally, there will also be exceptional special sessions!


“Black sheep” tells the story of Magda, a teacher in a Catholic high school, who hides the fact that she prefers women. Her husband, Arek, has not been able to find a job for a long time, and Tomek – a popular YouTuber, is mainly driven by his interests. The embarrassment begins when Magda, tired of living in hiding, decides to follow her heart, setting off an avalanche of new events. Will each of the heroes find their own way to be happy?

Another novelty – the movie “Free Guy” – is a daring comedy with an excellent cast. In the main roles, viewers will see stars such as: Taika Waititi, Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer. The title Guy is your average banking clerk who accidentally discovers he is a supporting player in an open-ended video game. In an unrestricted reality, he decides to take matters into his own hands, save his world, and become a hero of his own script!

Premiere animation screenings “Role Models” they present the life of Ola and Ola, who have always had “uphill” and … a hole in them! So what if they belong to the species of Flumak, which Charles Darwin admired, since it is a species endangered through and through? Flumaki are round creatures with a small opening in the middle, which makes them very similar to donuts. They are no less sweet anyway! Unfortunately, fate rarely smiles at them, and even by their own homies they are considered foolish. But fortune goes on and on!

In the film “Space Match: New Era” NBA champion and world icon LeBron James has a fantastic adventure alongside the immortal hero of Looney Tunes – Bugs Bunny. This journey that stimulates inner transformation is a crazy combination of two worlds that shows what some parents are capable of to find a common language with their children.

Legend has it that a tree with extraordinary healing abilities grows in the Amazon. Are the main characters “Jungle Expeditions” will it be possible to reach it? What surprises will they encounter along the way? Everything will turn out during the screenings of this Disney hit! The film stars Dwayne Johnson as the charismatic captain of a river ship and Emily Blunt as a scientist absorbed in research.

During the next weekend (August 14-15), a charming animated film based on the series loved by children all over the world awaits the youngest viewers. “PAW Patrol”. This is a story about heroic dogs and a boy who brings help to the needy! The film proves that no dog is too small for a great adventure!

Suicide Squad. The Suicide Squad “ will once again present DC’s most degenerate thugs community! Belle Reve is the prison with the highest death rate in the US. The worst supervillains are kept here and will go to great lengths to regain their freedom. Even joining the supersecret and super demolished Shock Unit X. Today’s do or die quest? Assemble a squad of criminals including Bloodsport, Peacemaker, Captain Boomerang, Ratcatcher Second, Savant, King Shark, Blackguard, Javelin, and everyone’s favorite freak, Harley Quinn. Then arm them to the teeth and dump (literally) on the secluded island of Corto Maltese, swarmed with enemies.

Horror “Beauty and the Butcher” tells the story of 17-year-old Millie Kessler, who is just trying to survive her last year in high school. But when she becomes the target of a serial killer, The Butcher, the school becomes the least of her worries. One day, he mysteriously wakes up not in his body, but in the body of a murderer. The girl has 24 hours to recover her body before the change becomes permanent and she is imprisoned forever!

On Friday night, August 13-14, Helios cinemas will host screenings prepared for viewers who appreciate great emotions on the big screen. In just one night, while The Exorcism Marathon, as many as four chilling films will be shown. The first to be shown is a premiere straight from hell – “Egrossisms of the Seventh Day”. After a short break, viewers will see a classic of the genre, considered the most terrible horror movie of all time – the movie “Exorcist”. Then movie fans will find out what they are hiding “The Vatican Tapes”and at the end it will be presented to the most persistent “Beelzebub”.

On Monday, August 16, as part of the Koneser Cinema series, viewers will be able to see the film awarded with two Oscars “Sound of Metal”! A moving, emotional story about the fate of a couple who overnight must face a challenge that will irretrievably change their lives. They only have themselves and the music. Ruben is a drummer and Lu is a hit singer. When they go on tour, and the dream of releasing their debut album is at hand, Ruben begins to lose his hearing overnight … In an instant, the life he has known and loved so far is in ruins, and the future becomes a great unknown. His girlfriend, however, does not give up and decides to do everything to save Ruben and what they had in common so far.

On Wednesday, August 18, fans of the Women’s Cinema will be able to see the French comedy “Strewn with roses “! Eve Vernet was once a true queen of roses. From childhood, she was immersed in the colorful world of flowers and learned the secrets of the grower’s profession thanks to her father. She devoted her entire life to preserving his legacy. Unfortunately, despite widespread recognition and many awards, the company is drowning in debt and is on the verge of collapse. To save the Rose Empire, Eve hires three new employees. However, it soon turns out that none of them have the slightest clue about gardening! The survival of the family heritage seems more and more uncertain …

See you at the thrilling screenings in Helios cinemas! Details on special projects and repertoire are available at: By planning a visit to the cinema and buying a ticket in advance, movie fans can choose the best seats and save more.

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