Thrilling news in theaters. Three premieres on the screens, as well as a night movie marathon

This Friday, August 13, three films will premiere on the screens of the Helios cinema: the Polish comedy “Black Sheep”, the American hit “Free Guy” and the animation for the whole family “Wyrolowani”. The youngest viewers will also be interested in “Space Match: New Era”, “Expedition to the Jungle” and the pre-premiere screenings of the film “Paw Patrol”. In addition, Helios’s repertoire will include a daring production of “Suicide Squad. The Suicide Squad and the horror film Beauty and the Butcher. Traditionally, there will also be exceptional special sessions.

“Black sheep”
The film tells the story of Magda, a teacher in a Catholic high school, who hides the fact that she prefers women. Her husband, Arek, has not been able to find a job for a long time, and Tomek – a popular YouTuber, is mainly driven by his interests. The embarrassment begins when Magda, tired of living in hiding, decides to follow her heart, setting off an avalanche of new events. Will each of the heroes find their own way to be happy?

“Free Guy”
A daring comedy with an excellent cast. In the main roles, viewers will see stars such as: Taika Waititi, Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer. The title Guy is your average banking clerk who accidentally discovers he is a supporting player in an open-ended video game. In an unrestricted reality, he decides to take matters into his own hands, save his world, and become a hero of his own script!

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