Through education, its Colombian Air Force promotes environmental protection

With the aim of fostering and promoting care for the environment in new generations through education, members of the 5th Air Combat Command of the Colombian Air Force came to the village of Chachafruto in the municipality of Rionegro Antioquia to teach more than 20 people. Boys and Girls Optimum exercise and good use of natural resources.

The students of the Child Development Center of Eastern Antioquia had the opportunity to learn about campaigns that promote environmental protection, the right way to recycle, the proper use of water resources and proper waste management, through talks on chemicals such as batteries and light bulbs From. Thus creating awareness about these environmental issues and problems through education.

Similarly, Air Institution gave seeds of various plant species to boys and girls, which were planted in the greenhouse of the educational establishment to encourage active participation of minors in planting and caring for plants.

Its Colombian Air Force leads this type of activities in favor of Colombian children, who are guaranteed the constitutional right to education and promote vital habits that contribute immensely to the conservation of the planet’s ecosystems.

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