Throw objects on the cars on the A1, stopped with the taser – Chronicle

The man who reached the median between the two lanes of the A1 between Lodi and Casalpusterlengo this morning at around 9:30 am was blocked with the taser and started throwing objects, hitting several vehicles and forcing a traffic stop. on the motorway section.

The man, of North African origin and in a state of evident alteration, would first have thrown a stone even at an Italo train on the line that runs parallel to the highway in this section. For this reason, the movement of convoys on the Milan-Bologna line was slowed down until 10:20 with delays of up to 50 minutes for seven trains. Then, according to an initial reconstruction, he went to the center of the highway and started throwing objects and road signs at cars, breaking a car windshield and injuring a woman with glass splinters.

Upon arrival of the police, the man threatened to cut his throat with a utility knife. Immobilized with the taser, he was taken away under escort in an ambulance. At least twenty vehicles were involved after the first impact. Currently, rail traffic on the HS line, as Rfi communicates, has returned to normal.