throwback to Drake’s hit

On July 31, 2015, drake released one of his biggest hits: “Hotline Bling”. This year, the title blows its eighth candle. An important piece in his career, which broke the Internet.

The lead single from “Views,” her fourth album, “Hotline Bling” quickly reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. The instrumental produced by nineteen85 between pop and R&B intrigues from the introduction with this loop of notes which seems to be spinning in the head. Then when it finally starts, there is no longer any doubt: the tube is there. A captivating and catchy ballad where drake speaks to a former partner, reminiscing about the good times he had with her.

In 2014, the American rapper DRAMs spell “Cha Cha”. A title that samples “Why Can’t We Live Together” by the American singer Timmy Thomas released in 1972 with overtones from “Star Road”, music from the Super Mario World video game produced by the Japanese composer koji kondo. The piece will then inspire drake for “Hotline Bling”.

A meme machine

It was when the clip was released that everything changed two months later. Directed by DirectorXit is inspired by the music video “Gimme The Light” by Sean-Paul, which the Canadian director also directed. The decor, the light, a polished artistic direction that draws on the works of the American artist james turrell. As soon as the rapper appeared, he went on to small dance steps. An improvisation without a precise goal, where drake lets go completely… see a little too much.

Her dancing goes viral and memes are quick to arrive. drake who plays tennis, drake with a lightsaber or even Drake who adds pepperoni on his pizza, The Internet is inspired and has a field day. We put you a compilation of the best diversions below, which does not fail to make you smile even 7 years later.

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