“Thug, sexist, the blonde …” – Libero Quotidiano

One more attack from Germany. The center-right is increasingly in the Teutonic viewfinder and the German press does not let a day go by without attacking the Italian center-right. In chronological order it is the weekly of Hamburg, Stern, to unload hatred on the moderate coalition. And she does it with shameful tones, defining it like this Berlusconi, Salvini And Melons: “A sexist media tycoon, a self-centered political hooligan and a blonde Roman woman whose battle cries are: ‘I am Giorgia! I am a woman! I am a mother! I am a Christian!'”.

“All you have to do now – continues ‘Stern’ – is to imagine these words in Italian, subtracted from a disco rhythm, and you are in them, in the political theater of late summer 2022”. Certainly the “fascist danger” could not be missing. The German weekly aligns itself with the positions ofSpd who recently attacked the Italian center-right together with Letta: “A surreal season that sees Italy move towards the extreme right in the next elections. With Giorgia Meloni, first woman premier, and at the helm of a party that has its origins in post-fascist organizations “. In short, very harsh and disrespectful words a few days after the vote. Yet another interference from Germany to influence the outcome of the elections.

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