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Next 48 hours risk of storms and storms

VORTICE FROM THE BALKANS TO THE ADRIATIC. Eastern currents continue to flow towards the Balkan Peninsula and have given rise to a thunderstorm vortex in the heart of summer, moving towards the Adriatic between now and Saturday. This will affect the weather by driving a series of thunderstorm impulses that will flow over many of our regions from north to south, distributing phenomena even thunderstorms, violent and accompanied by local hailstorms and storms. A first front is in action since the early hours of today in the South and causes intense rains and thunderstorms between Sicily and Calabria, with pluviometric accumulations of over 60mm in just one hour on the Messinese, where flooding is recorded. A second impulse it has reached the Triveneto from the Balkans and will quickly spread to the central-western Po Valley and from the early hours of Saturday to Central Italy, subsequently moving towards the South, while in the North the reinforcement of the high pressure will tend to stabilize the weather. In detail:

Weather 12-13 August
Weather 12-13 August

WEATHER FRIDAY. Already in the morning unstable on Triveneto and Romagna with scattered rains and showers, showers also on Levante Ligure and upper Tuscany. Irregular cloudiness in the south with scattered showers in Puglia and thunderstorms even strong over northern Sicily, up to Tyrrhenian Calabria. Elsewhere, a sunnier start to the day. In the day showers and thunderstorms on the central-eastern Alps and Prealps, in retrograde extension to the west in Emilia, Lombardy, the Ligurian hinterland of Levante and eastern Piedmont by evening, up to encroaching on the Ligurian Sea and Tuscany with intense phenomena and a local stormy nature. Other thunderstorms will intensify in the southern peninsular, especially inland, locally strong and hailstones and frequently trespassing to the coasts, Tyrrhenian species, albeit gradually attenuating over the course of the evening. Strong thunderstorms also in Sicily, Central-eastern species, attenuating in the evening. Slightly decreasing temperatures.

WEATHER SATURDAY. Time in improvement in the North with large spells in extension to Tuscany, Umbria, upper Marche and upper Lazio. On the other hand, instability is increasing in lower Lazio, lower Marche and Abruzzo, extending to a large part of the southern peninsula with showers and thunderstorms even strong from the afternoon, especially on inland areas, encroaching on the coasts of the lower Tyrrhenian and Ionian with possible storms and hailstorms. By evening the phenomena will also reach Tyrrhenian Calabria and northern Sicily, albeit weaker. Showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon over the north of Sardinia, lessening in the evening. Temperatures recovering in the North.

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