thus the citizens put the army in crisis

Moscow increasingly worried about the acts of sabotage carried out by Russian citizens who oppose the war in Ukraine. The report comes from the intelligence report of the British Ministry of Defense on the war in Ukraine in which it is noted that “on October 24, 2022, the governor of the Russian region of Belgorod announced that an explosive device had damaged the railway near the village of Novozybkovo , about 15 km from the Russia-Belarus border. The Russian leadership is increasingly concerned by the fact that even a small group of citizens has concretely opposed the conflict to the point of resorting to physical sabotage ”.

Stop the Wagons

The attack was claimed by the Russian anti-war group “Stop the Wagons” (STW) and is only the latest in a long series of raids carried out by Russian dissidents against the country’s railways and those of Belarus. This is at least the sixth sabotage incident against Russian railway infrastructure claimed by STW since June, British intelligence said.

The importance of the damaged railway line for Russia

The railway line in the Belgorod region is a vital link between Russia and Belarus as it is used to transport fuel, ammunition and other supplies for the Russian military. Precisely for this reason, its damage by the “Stop the Wagons” group is putting the Russian troops engaged in Ukraine in difficulty, especially in a crucial moment like the present one in which Moscow risks losing control of Kherson.

As reported by Evening Standard, the group “Stop the Wagons”, on Telegram, commented on the attack on the railway line, arguing that “the damage of this small explosive sabotage will have to be resolved with a complete repositioning of the rails. And it’s fantastic ».

The Russian military, explains the London daily, relies heavily on rail transport for supplies and reinforcements. Its network is very vast, extending over 33,000 kilometers and crossing numerous isolated areas: a reason why it is not easy to constantly protect it from possible acts of sabotage.


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