thus the Interior Ministry for the League could fade

Giorgia Meloni reassures her parents and denies the birth of a technical government, but explains that she will only choose ministers that are “at the height” and of high profile

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The leader Giorgia Melons brought together the national leadership of Brothers of Italy in the historic headquarters in via della Scrofa to take stock of the results of the elections and work on the next one Government. The appointments of future ministers were also at the center of the debate.

In front of the reporters, the leader of the party who came out as the absolute winner at the polls was very cautious, explaining that we will have to wait for the times and decisions of Sergio Mattarella before making official statements.

We will talk about certainties only after consultations al Colle with the parties and the formation of Parliament. But rumors are already circulating in the press and in the party circles about the future plans of what should become the first female prime minister in Italy.

Brothers of Italy and the tensions with the League for the totoministers

Between knots to untie there will be tensions growing with the Northern League front. The Carroccio, defeated by the consultations of 25 September, certainly had to downsize the pre-election agreements.

Matteo Salvini it would be perceived by allies as a loose cannon. Between internal tears and new currents in the League, such as that of the founder Umberto Bossi, and the burn for having had less than 9% of the votesdifficult to predict his next moves.

So much so that the future prime minister would be thinking of a trick to exclude him from leading government posts, through what the press has already defined praise Melons.

Meloni says no to the technical government, but the award on Salvini appears: so the Viminale for the Lega could fadePhoto source: ANSA

Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Brothers of Italy.

That is the rule according to which those who have already served as minister previously will not be able to occupy the same position in the new Executive. Thus the Interior Ministry for Matteo Salvini.

I praise Meloni for not giving the Interior Ministry to Salvini: what emerged

Giorgia Meloni neither confirms nor denies the existence of the award, and her loyalists follow the same line. There are those who declare that there are no vetoes on appointments for strategic ministries.

By implying, however, that the next government will be composed of prominent personalities of their sectors and technicians, given the complicated historical period.

The new ministers will have to deal with the war in UkraineL’inflation and the increase of billsthe funds of Pnrrthe reforms announced on taxman And pensions.

“Starting from vetoes is wrong, you have to start from skills and from quality of the people who can play a role in the Council of Ministers ”, declared Francesco Lollobrigida, FdI group leader in the Chamber.

Giorgia Meloni partially denies the hypothesis of a technical government

“If we have the job”, Giorgia Meloni stressed to her followers, “it will be a government politic because elected by the people and with a clear political imprint that is that of the center right ”.

Explaining that no personality names will be “imposed Not at the height“Nor will the logic of”slingbar“, With the division of ministries among the parties.

“Because I put my face to it to be an executive of tall profile“, The president of the Brothers of Italy declared to the party leadership, as reported by theHandle.

Nodo Salvini, which ministry will lead the leader of the League?

From the federal council of the League it is not an exit one list from names. If not that of Matteo Salvini at the Viminale. Il Carroccio then intends to manage the ministries of Infrastructures, Agricultural Policies, Justice, Labor, Regional Affairs and Autonomies.

If he will not be able to lead the Ministry of the Interior again, it is possible that the Po Valley leader will be satisfied with Agriculture and the post of deputy premier to be shared with Antonio Tajani.


Photo source: ANSA

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