Tiar Meghan Markle wanted her or, but the queen refused to do so. Another bookie got the jewel

The most important day in Meghan Markle’s life, the wedding with Prince Harry, was full of dramas. The actress argued with Princess Kate, which made Meghan cry over the pantyhose (although apparently it was the other way around). Markle also clashed with Queen Elizabeth before the wedding when they were choosing jewelry together. According to tradition, the bride must wear a tiara. Meghan had one eye on it, but the queen did not agree to her choice. It was explained that it was impossible to determine the exact origin of the gem, which could have had an impact on the image of Meghan and her husband. However, when Princess Eugenia later selected the same tiara for her wedding, the origin of the royal jewelery was no longer important.

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Queen Elizabeth lied to Meghan Markle?

At the beginning, Meghan Markle was to choose an emerald-lined tiara in which she wanted to perform at the wedding. This was to displease Queen Elizabeth. The monarch refused, which was motivated by the fact that the valuable ornament was sent to Windsor through undefined channels – it was said that she came from the Russian tsarist court. Even Prince Harry intervened, who said: “If Meghan wants something, he will have it.” The Queen was implacable and replied that “Meghan will have whatever tiara she is going to get.”

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As the emotions subsided after the wedding, the authors of the biography “Harry and Meghan. Finding Freedom” took a closer look at the story with the tiara. According to Mail Online, the tiara Meghan wanted was the one that Princess Eugenia later showed up at her wedding. She said yes just six months after the Sussex wedding in May 2018.

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The Greville Emerald Kokoshnik tiara, which Eugenie borrowed from her grandmother, is reportedly the most expensive royal tiara in the jewelry collection. It is estimated to be worth up to ten million pounds. Its origin, however, is not as secret as Meghan argued. The gem was made in 1919, by French jewelers from a home of luxury Boucheron jewelry. It originally belonged to the heiress of Mrs. Greville, who was from Polesden Lacey (an estate in England). The name of the tiara comes from the name of the owner and the style of “kokoshnik” (headgear), which was inspired by the Russian tsarist court.

Mrs. Greville was a friend of Prince Albert and Elizabeth (Queen Mother). The couple even spent their honeymoon in 1923 in Polesden Lacey. Before her death, Mrs. Greville had saved some of her jewelry, including this tiara, as a gift to the Queen Mother. When this one died, the tiara was added to Queen Elizabeth’s collection.

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In connection with “Tiara-gate”, the media around the world has divided into at least two camps. It is not entirely certain which jewelry exactly the wife of Prince Harry meant. Some believe that Markle definitely wanted the one that Eugenia finally received for her wedding. However, she did not get it because she does not come from an aristocratic family and from the very beginning was considered a person who did not fit the prince. Another theory is that Meghan wished for a tiara with a bloody story in the background, and therefore the queen refused it (so why was Meghan shown this tiara at all, when it was considered that wearing it might be risky?).

If you look at later events, the theory with the tiara for Eugenia is gaining more and more votes. It was at the princess’ wedding that Meghan announced that she was pregnant, which stole her big day. She did so again later, announcing a second pregnancy just days after the Palace announced that Princess Eugenia’s first child had arrived in the world.

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