Tick ​​risk, areas of the body to check after a hike

How to completely eliminate the risk of ticks after a walk outdoors: advice on how to intervene and how. Do this

A tick on the palm of a hand
A tick on the palm of a hand (Pixabay)

Tick ​​risk, during the summer period, but also during late spring or in the autumn weeks during which the temperatures continue to be mild, the problem is one not to be underestimated. Because the tick risk can easily become something tremendously real to be reckoned with. And this thing can affect both the smallest and the largest.

With some precautions you can avoid any bad eventuality but you really need a lot of attention and not to behave lightly, in order not to actually run into the risk of ticks. These little creatures, which belong to a suborder of mites, attack not only some animals, and specifically the dog – for which there is a dedicated subclass – but also the man. The danger posed by the presence of ticks on the human body is given by the fact that they can carry diseases.

Risk of ticks, where they attack in humans

A close up mint variant
A close up mint variant (Pixabay)

And detaching them from the skin is not at all easy. It is necessary to take very specific actions, with all the necessary attention. For example, they should not be squeezed because a pressure could cause their mouth to carry any viral agents. Instead, it is necessary to remove them with the utmost delicacy, acting on a layer of skin as thin as possible. But where can we most frequently run the risk of encountering ticks? Care should be taken in areas with tall grass. And clothing can also make a difference.

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Having open footwear and short shorts and going into areas with more dense vegetation could help facilitate the passage of ticks from there to above our body. Even a hat helps in this case to keep the head protected. Once you have returned home from a hike in the countryside or in the mountains, it is excellent practice washing clothes and check the axillary and groin areas, then the toes and hair. Especially if they are long, because they could be an excellent hiding place for these little creatures.

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