Ticket to Paradise locations: where the scenes were filmed

Curious to discover the location of Ticket to Paradise? A film starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney is guaranteed success. These are two stellar actors who have made us dream for many years.

The film has some delicious comic facets, although the lead couple are divorced. However, the same plan unites the two protagonists: to prevent the daughter from marrying a man she has just met.

Then follow a series of truly engaging events, which show us different places that we all would like to visit at least once in a lifetime. Let’s discover them together.

Ticket to Paradise locations: where the scenes were filmed

The scenes were shot in Indonesia, California and Australia.

All three have an extraordinary charm and an array of breathtaking locations and attractions. Let’s find out in detail.

Los Angeles

Although it did not have a particularly large role, Los Angeles was used to record some additional scenes. Nothing particularly impactful, but it certainly contributed positively.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a little piece of paradise that we all should visit at least once in our life. However, many scenes set in Bali were actually filmed in Queensland (not all).

In fact, due to COVID and the various restrictions, the cast had to find an alternative.

the locations of ticket to paradise film

Queensland, Australia

This location is the quintessential hub of Ticket to Paradise. The cast camped precisely on the Whitsunday Islands (the latter correspond to the Bali you see in the film).

Among the locations we also find Airlie Beach and Qualia, a 5-star resort.

The scenes of golf were recorded at Hamilton Island Golf Club, while One Tree Hill and Bougainvillea Bar on Resort Drive were also exploited. Finally, many scenes were also filmed in the Gold Coast city.


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