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HAS Tiffany & Co. anuncia sua mais recente campanha de alta joalheria estrelada pela atriz e embaixadora da Casa, Anya Taylor-Joywhat brilha com as iconicas obras-primas Schlumberger by Tiffany & Co.™ e Blue Book 2023: Out of the Blue. A modern view of classic Hollywood glamor, the ultimate campanha shows a dialogue between legado and modernity with many extraordinary diamonds and high-quality jewelry designs with precious and rare stones used by Taylor-Joy.

“It is a proud history of the history of Tiffany & Co. A long-time history of its own design and craftsmanship, and it is enthusiastically part of its exceptional legacy,” says Anya Taylor-Joy.

A new way of resuming an original art, an inimitable style and a skillful craftsmanship that defines Tiffany & Co. for 186 years, creating a new era for the Schlumberger icons by Tiffany & Co.™, like Bird on a Rock. Impulsed by Jean Schlumberger’s creative inspiration and fueled by Nathalie Verdeille’s vision, the artistic director of Tiffany’s joys and high spirits, Taylor-Joy lives on vibrant figures and symbols that inspired Tiffany’s art for over 160 years.

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