Tigre and Estudiantes end in a draw

Photo Pepe Mateos
Photo: Pepe Mateos

Tigre and Estudiantes de la Plata drew 0-0 in a lackluster match in Victoria on the fourth day of Group 2 of the Professional League Cup (LPF).

The local team occasionally showed better soccer performances against opponents who tied the score but couldn’t win on the net. In fact, there was very little dangerous activity during the 90 minutes.

Pusinelli DT’s new “matador” included a team of five midfielders, a “double 5”, a winger and players who arrived around the Badaloni lighthouse.

Jose Sosa was the starting midfielder in the scheme designed by Eduardo Dominguez, but Santiago Azcacibal and Gaston Benedetti filled the flanks. Benjamin Rolheiser plays as a midfielder and supplier to Uruguayan Mauro Mendes.

Tigre arrived several times in the first stage, but there was not much depth. Both teams lacked clarity in the framework of the match, which was played in a fixed position in the central zone.

Photo Pepe Mateos
Photo: Pepe Mateos

More than 10 players from both teams were gathered in a small part of the playing field, making it difficult to open the sides and see teammates in advantageous conditions. The problem was that the ball had difficulty reaching the area due to slow traffic for a few meters.

As time went on, it became clear that Sosa had to play more relaxed and with less defensive responsibility, and Ascacibar had to fight in the central zone. But there’s very little about soccer.

On the Tigray side, Jose Paradera and Aaron Molinas struggled to control the ball and start dribbling or make cut passes to their only forward. Dominguez suffered from illness absences, while 11 players were injured, including Guido Carrillo and Mauro Boselli.

The second stage was still a tangled affair, with a lack of depth and risks, with Dominguez opting for the young and irreverent Axel Atum and Colombian Alexis Manyoma.

Trying to clear the field didn’t work for Estudiantes. Because the center was still inhabited by local football players, who scraped together and fought. But they never provided clear information.

Tigre’s Paraguayan goalkeeper Santiago Rojas had some great performances, but Andujar was a luxurious protagonist, only needing to use his height to send in a few crosses.So the heroes disappointed the locals, who almost filled the Jose de la Giovanna Stadium

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