TikTok is the birthplace of new generation rockers and headbangers

*text by Larissa Catharine Oliveira

The ways of falling in love with rock and metal have gone through many changes over time. If a few decades ago it was necessary to have a vinyl or, later, a physical CD, to meet inaccessible and distant bands, today there are other means, from Metallica in Stranger Things to the viral success of maneskinband Eurovision 2021 winner. But have you ever thought of TikTok as a new powerhouse for the future of style?

With almost three billion downloads around the world, the Chinese video platform is already one of the great transformations of the way the music industry works: before the digital age, singles served to promote the sale of the upcoming album, following on tour to boost record sales. Then, the internet brought the age of digital downloads, renewing the challenges of circumventing piracy with file transfer sites like Napster, the subject of a Metallica lawsuit in 2000.

The arrival of streaming platforms brought a new source of income for artists, despite the fair criticism of the low remuneration of these services, and a new logic of playlists. Singles have become much more independent and getting into wide-ranging playlists becomes essential, making EP release a more interesting strategy for many music genres.

But nothing has achieved the surprising effect of TikTok, capable of reversing the natural order of release of albums and singles by resurrecting past hits with full force on the charts and bringing any subject to trends. In addition to promoting discussions and disseminating unexpected hits, the app also proves to be a promising birthplace for a new generation of rockers and headbangers. So, if you still think that TikTok only offers silly dances, it’s time to get to know better…

There is a growing virtual scene of rock and metal content creators on TikTok – including in Brazil. With greater diversity in relation to traditional vehicles about heavy music, whether in age or genre, the application has become a source of information through videos with curiosities and humor on the subject, which works spontaneously and organically to talk about what they like most. .

In this movement, the platform’s headbanger and rocker content was able to leverage the post-punk of Molchat Domastrengthen the sudden success of “Master of Puppets” after the iconic scene in Stranger Things and make the headbanger character weird Eddie Munson as a new generation’s crush, two trends capable of igniting the interest of a wider audience in the aesthetics and sound of rock and metal.

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