TikTok: The Curious Case Of The Boy Who Talked To The Wall And Found His Friend On The Other Side news from mexico

Hermosillo, Sonora.- Young children go through a phase in which they are exploring the world. At times, due to their great curiosity, ingenuity and ability to surprise, they act in moving or even funny moments. The TikTok platform is replete with videos ranging from the video of the girl who thanked ‘diosito’ for inventing ‘taquitos’, to the girl who fought Alexa to play her favorite song, such as . However, there are times when this attitude of children is eerie, such as cases in which they are reported to talk or play with things that are not there.

Recently, a woman named Marisol Rodriguez caused a stir on social media by sharing a video that showed her son sitting in front of a courtyard wall, apparently talking to himself.

I’ve been wondering why he’s always there talking to himself,” the mother wrote about the video. In the images, the boy is sitting on his back, looking up at an adobe wall. According to his mother, this Attitude often used to be.

Far from being an extraordinary or dire situation, as one might at first imagine, Marisol finds that her son doesn’t talk to himself. There was a hole in the wall through which another girl living in the neighboring house could be seen. Both had become friends and used to play like this.

The video shared by the account “@marisolur123” has garnered over 14 million views and thousands of comments. Some users have shared a similar story while some have made scary jokes about it.

So when I was a little friend, he used to feed me sweets and we used to talk, after 17 years we got married hahaha I love him so much we always talk about it”, “In childhood I was like this Used to talk with my neighbor and I also got fried food. We both share a lot”, “Can you imagine mom going to ask about the little girl next door and the neighbors say: no girls live here”

In a second video, Marisol shows her son playing with his friend while singer Leo Dan is heard singing “The Wall That Won’t Let Me See You”. So far, netizens hope and encourage the mother to visit the neighboring family so that the children can finally meet face to face.

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