TikTok: What does the hit “dermaplaning” beauty trend mean?

The well-being trend of “dermaplaning” has been a hit on TikTok for several days now. It is a way of taking care of your skin.

A new trend is emerging on Tiktok for a few days. This is called dermaplaning, in which deep exfoliation is done to make the skin more beautiful. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

beauty trends flooding tiktok

Every week many trends are emerging on Tiktok. It should be said that the very concept of social network Based on masculinity and light and fun content.

In this way, Internet users share their favourites, their tips or their knowledge with others. For example, bedhead hair trend Made a small hit on the app.

This beauty tip is very simple. This includes getting a haircut the same way we get out of bed. Yes, it brings out a welcome natural and fashionable side!

Besides, Many stars have chosen this hair look. In fact, Jenna Ortega or Camila Cabello quickly fell for the trend, which has become a hit on TikTok. And it’s not the only one!

more recently, glue bang technique Everything spewed out on Chinese social networks. It has to be said that this life hack will save the lives of all bangs owners.

To counter the rain or wind, some Internet users proposed Tack the tips of the bangs to their forehead. Whatever the weather, the results are guaranteed to be top-notch.

And the latest hot trend on TikTok is none other than dermaplaning. The latter involves deeply caring for your skin. MCE TV tells you more!

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What is dermaplaning?

many internet users want to take care of yourself, Be it care, products or grandmother’s recipes. And Tiktok is a good platform to find all this.

Indeed, many Internet users share their advice on how to care for your skin. And the latest trend, called dermaplaning, is a hit on the app.

it consists Remove facial hair to remove dead skin. But to do this effectively, you have to use a scalpel or very thin blade. That’s why calling a professional is essential.

The advantage of this tiktok technique is that it is 100% natural. Actually, there is no need of any chemical in it. Suffice it to say that this method can reassure many Internet users.

#dermaplaning freezes approx 4 billion and 2.5 billion views on Tiktok and Instagram respectively. So the figures are more than revealing. just that !

At the end of 2021, the Treatwell beauty services booking platform also revealed that dermaplaning was among the two most popular treatments for French people aged 18 to 30. Second is chemical peel.

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