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The drop in the price of gas continues. In the last few weeks there had already been a sudden turnaround in the energy sector and now, with November just around the corner, the possibility of also recording a drop in bills is concrete even if the energy crisis is far from over. The columnist of the “Corriere della Sera” Federico Rampini explains well what is happening: “In the crazy mechanism of determining the Italian electricity prices linked to the Amsterdam stock exchange – highlights the journalist expert in geopolitics – both speculations and our actions have affected: or rather the rush of European countries to stock up on gas for the winter “. So the price went crazy: now the reserves are there and the markets are drawing consequences. And Russian President Putin now appears much less strong: because while the Tsar wants to bring Ukraine to its knees by destroying the energy infrastructure before the long winter and Biden prepares the counter-offensive, the price of natural gas collapses.

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